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Latrea Anita Russ “Coach Trea” Life Coach, Author & Disability Advocate

Hello, my name is Latrea Anita Russ, I live in Wilmington, NC with my sixteen-year-old daughter and husband. I was born with a rare genetic syndrome called Pfeiffer syndrome; this disorder causes the bones to not fuse properly. In my case, the bones did not fuse correctly in my skull which meant there were areas of my brain that were exposed. I also had no stims to prevent my skill from crushing my brain at birth. I have had forty-plus surgeries to try and correct various issues with my skill and brain. This is one of many reasons why my company “More than My Disability” was created.

Let’s shift gears to my husband. I am happily married to a man with Cerebral Palsy. He is wheelchair-bound, however, that wheelchair doesn’t stop NOTHING! My husband is a phenomenal DJ. ( I promise I am not just saying that because he’s, my husband! LOL ) Our relationship is one of the main reasons “More Than My Disability” exists. People have this incorrect perception that individuals with disabilities don’t have successful relationships, don’t have sex, and don’t have children. The truth is there are many of us within this community that have great marriages, children, etc. The barrier is being a part of a world that doesn’t see or hear us! A world that assumes the word DISABILITY means fully incapable.

My daughter is sixteen and she has ADHD as well as other challenges, so I understand from a parent's perspective what it is like having a child with a disability. Here’s another reason my company “More Than My Disability” was created! My daughter needs a haven somewhere safe to be free of

judgment. I know that painful place and I didn’t want her to have to experience that. Starting with my daughter, I can show what allows children to be free and truly who they are through my daughter. Helping children not feel the pain I felt is important to me.

My company “More Than My Disability” was created to show those who live a similar lifestyle as me the endless possibilities. It’s not easy living in a world that doesn’t see or hear you. My intentions are to advocate for those like me and educate those who are unaware of me and my community. If you are interested in learning more about my services or products, or how you can work with me, you can check out my website or send me an email at

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