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  •  Everything you need to know about bullying the warning signs, the effects there is even a section for children with disabilities 

  •   Parents here is a quiz you can take to help you determine your child’s personlility. 

  •  a collection of 15 different nonprofit organizations that have joined forces to help the families of children with learning disabilities. The information and resources available on this site are practical, useful, well-researched, and presented with no charge. Understood also provides a communication board where parents can connect with other parents who are dealing with similar issues. It can be so helpful to connect with people traveling a similar path and compare notes about what works for your family and which resources are most helpful.

  •  The Center for Parent Information and Resources is a hub for each state's parent centers, which provide training and assistance for parents of children with learning disabilities. This website can direct you to your local center, as well as provide general and nationwide resource information.

  •  Learning Disabilities of America is a great place for parents to receive the needed support and advice about how to best help their child

  •  This not only a great resource for parent of children with disabilities but also parent themselves who may struggle with a disability 

  • The organization’s mission is threefold: to provide a community of support to parents and related caregivers of special-needs children; to help caregivers of special-needs children save money using the leverage of group buying power; and advocating for caregivers in the areas of health insurance, legal services, prescription drugs, special education and more.

  • Association For Children with Disabilities- ACD advocates for children with disability in a number of ways. Through our Support Line, workshops and information resources we empower families with the knowledge, skills and confidence to advocate for their child.

Advocating for Your Child with Disabilities

  • How to advocate successfully for services and information you need when your child has severe disabilities. (Miriam Edelson)

  • Cost Control When Retaining a Special Education Attorney or Lawyer for Your Child's School Advice on paying for a special education lawyer when you have problems with your child's school. An interview with David A. Sherman, special education attorney. (Allison Martin)

  • Turning Knowledge Into Action: Being an Effective Parent Steps you can take to be a more effective advocate for your child. (Lisa Greene)

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