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Client Testimonial

"Imagine screaming internally from your soul and no one can hear you! After our first session, I knew Coach Latrea was gifted to hear my heart's cry. Navigating through life with a new disability can be quite challenging.

Coach Latrea operates and leads from a place of empathy that exudes from her very being. God often works through people and I'm so glad He chose her "iron" to sharpen mine (Proverbs 27:17[(NIV])! "


-N.L.Mason, of Virginia 

“Coach Trea”

Life Coach, Author & Disability Advocate

My company “More Than My Disability” was created to show those who live a similar lifestyle as me the endless possibilities. It’s not easy living in a world that
doesn’t see nor hear you. My intentions are to advocate for those like me and educate those who are unaware of me and my community. Recently I’ve become apart of the
Our Children’s Story, Inc board and offer services through this organization. I along with Mia Lee and Libra J. Hicks serve on the board of directors, offering our time and
services to help the disability community while educating typical society.

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