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Waiting for the Glow up? By Coach Latrea

This stems from a conversation that I had with a young lady at church, she was in her first year of high school I believe, and I was asking how she was enjoying it, she replied that she did not like it very much she felt like a loner with no friends. But she was convinced

when the glow-up happened it would be better. I thought to myself what is the glow? As the conversation continued, she said it again “As soon as the glow happens, I will be popular and have a whole bunch of friends”, so once again I asked what is the glow up? This time the young lady responded “When I become pretty” this stuck me for several reasons: One, I remember being this young lady waiting for the day that I would wake up and look like Brandy or Aaliyah. In my eyes they were beautiful I told myself If I just looked like them, I would not have any problems everyone would like me or want to be my friend. If we are honest with ourselves as women, we have all felt this way at one time or another and it may not be about Brandy or Aaliyah, or any other celebrity it could just be anyone that does not look like you. I find this to be especially true for women with disabilities.

The second reason this conversation struck me, it had me wondering how many other women are still in the waiting phase, waiting for their life to start, waiting for permission for being happy and to live whole…. waiting for them to wake up and one day be beautiful, waiting for the glow up to happen. I have news for you, the glow-up starts within you, that right you control when the glow-up starts. The glow-up is not the day you become beautiful but it is the day you realize you have always been beautiful, the day that you fully understand that your beauty has nothing to do what how you look or how much makeup you wear, or how long your hair is. Your beauty is how you treat people how your handle the situations of life, and how your treat people that can do absolutely nothing to offer you that is what makes you beautiful and that is your glow-up.

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